Phil Heath 6 Pack Abs Routine

Phil Heath bodybuilding abs

Phil Heath has become one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He has won the Mr. Olympia many times over and has been kind enough to share his ab routine with us so that we can get those well-defined abs and look good for those beach days!

30 Min Cardio – Your Choice

6 Pack Ab Routine

  1. Leg Raises | 3-5 Sets 10-15 Reps
  2. Suitcase Crunches | 3-5 Sets 10-15 Reps
  3. Cable Crunches | 3-5 Sets 10-15 Reps
  4. Bonus Oblique Cable Crunches | 3-5 Sets 10 Reps Each Side


Make sure to stretch through the obliques and abs after you have cooled down. Roll out your obliques on the foam roller for roughly 20 rolls on each side, nice and slow.