Calum Von Moger Killer Arm Workout

How to get massive arms like Calum


Calum Von Moger, in case you didn’t know, is probably the closest to having Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique as you can probably get in today’s day and age. He’s walking us through his arm workout. Something to get a killer pump and grow those muscles to get after the new year. Gotta be ready for the beach season.

CVG Monster Arm Routine

  1. Bicep Easy Bar Curls | 6 Sets 5-10 Reps
  2. Preacher Curls | 5 Sets 5-10 Reps + 2 Drop Sets
  3. Concentration Curls | 4 Sets 10-15 Reps Each Arm
  4. Tricep Cable Push Downs | 5 Sets 10 Reps + Super Set Cable Curls
  5. Overhead Cable Extensions | 5 Sets 15 Reps
  6. Lying Dumbbell Extensions | 6 Sets 15 Reps (lightweight focus on extension)


Calum likes to stretch out the arms between sets. Make sure to open them up right after and crush the biceps and triceps to get a complete workout and be ready for the next session. Never skip your stretching!