Squats Booty Workout

Squat Your Way To A Rounder Butt

Squats Butt Workout

Squat Your Way To A Rounder Butt

Who isn’t working towards a more rounded and firmer butt these days? There has always been one tried and true butt shaping exercise to get you to your goals; Squats! Squats use the entire glute muscle to get your body up and down. Squatting with proper form can be a big boost for your body and give you more defined glutes and thighs.

For this workout all you’ll need is your own body! Squats with just body weight is usually enough for most people, but if you need a challenge grab some small weights. The important thing to remember when squatting is to keep your head up and facing forward, and your body as upright as possible. When coming into the squat position you want to make sure you go just below parallel with your knees. A great way to practice squats is grab a chair, then go into a seated position, then back up without using your hands.

Repeat 10 Times

Sumo Squats 10
One Leg Squats 10
Standard Squats 10
Jump Squats 10